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We are a 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Organization EIN: 20-5618632

Ray Christopher


Director of Operations

Humanitarian Hands Charities Program Initiatives 

Ernie Seay

Director of Community Relations

Local Community

  • Build relationships to aid refugees and immigrants transitioning to Dallas Metroplex
  • Extend strategic literacy assistance and Cultural Mentorship for refugees and immigrants in Dallas

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Mary A. Christopher

Sponsor a Child

who Needs Support

Alison Woods

President Emeritus

Board Member

Life Skills Training

  • Equip professionals to educate individuals in various skills such as computer maintenance, farming techniques, housing construction, and specialized skills
  • Build relationships to aid refugees and immigrants transitioning to Dallas Metroplex
  • Extend strategic literacy assistance and Cultural Mentorship for refugees and immigrants in Dallas

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Quality Education

  • Incorporate innovative teaching skills to facilitate the students’ learning process
  • Enhance the educational process by providing sponsors for orphans’ education
  • Train individuals in computer technology to empower them to teach

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Cedric Stevenson

Director of Project Management

Randy Clark

Director of Construction & Development

A Letter From Our CEO

Daryl Boothe

Director of Funds Development

HHCharities is proud to introduce our 2015 “What if…?” Ugandan Student Scholarship Recipient PETER MUGGA

Advisory Board

Daniel Rachman, Director of Finance

Meet Our National Spokesperson
DeLores Pressley

One Step Closer...Officially Open: The John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic!


  • Build and maintain a clinic with medical equipment and supplies
  • Provide health professionals to educate individuals on health issues and preventive care
  • Educate individuals on proper nutrition balance to reduce malnutrition
  • Equip volunteer medical teams to provide education, assistance and support

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Eric Guidry

Mary Christopher

Chief Executive Officer


Our world seems to be rotating into variousopportunities and challenges.  When I look at the international news and see how stressful life seems to be for numerous people, it reminds me of Humanitarian Hands Charities’ (HHCharities) task that involves focusing on improving and enhancing the lives of the disadvantaged and displaced people who are struggling, praying and hoping for a better life.  So many of us cannot even imagine the task that awaits this population.  This reality inspires HHCharities to remain steadfast and committed to help where and when we are able.

Therefore, our motivation is currently in three target areas:

  • The rotation of visiting medical recruits and operation of the John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic in Fort Portal Uganda.
  • Increasing our capacity of Sponsors devoted to educate and support the orphans of Uganda
  • Training skillful Literacy Tutors who will prepare Refugees and Immigrants for integration into US Society, especially in the DFW Metroplex

It is so important to leave a legacy of reaching out to lift someone up; to help others climb higher; to pull someone along with you—so they can see a brighter side of life.  What type of legacy are you leaving that others will remember about you?  Will they know that “life was not just about you?”

HHCharities challenges you to look beyond yourself.  Be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Contact us to see where you can begin to impact other’s lives.

Join us as we continue Building Hope…One Heart, One Life, One Community at a Time.


Mary A. Christopher
CEO & Co-Founder


Mary A. Christopher
Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Linda Boothe, Retired
Phoenix, Arizona

Rachel Branaman, Capacity Building & Development
Principal, Talem Consulting, Public Relations & Marketing
Executive Director, Alley’s House
Dallas, TX

Phyllis Cleaves, Retired
Memphis, TN

Dr. Remy Ihekwaba, PhD
President, RIA International Education Consultants
President, West Africa America Chamber of Commerce & Industries
Dallas, TX

Ben Kazora, Electrical Engineer
Treasurer, Ugandan North America Association, D/FW
East Africa Business Council Consultant

Ronald Kizito, Evangelist
HHCharities Point-of-Contact
Fort Portal, Uganda

Josette C. McMillan, Principal
Elementary School
Dallas, TX

David Mureeba, PE
Electrical Engineer
President/Chief Executive Officer, Global Electro-Comm Intl., Inc.
Honorary Consul for Republic of Uganda
Dallas, TX

Lawrence K. Oduro, Evangelist
Director, School of Evangelism
Director, Rural Evangelism Development Project
CEO, Christina Adcock & Sons Christian Hospital
Ateiku, Ghana

Laurent Okuma, President & Founder
African Social and Immigration Services (ASIS)
Fort Worth, TX

Sam Terranova, Retired
Medical Equipment & Supplies Consultant
Phoenix, Arizona

La Shelle Vernon, Interface Lead
The Dow Chemical Company
Houston, TX

Dr. Reba White, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Terrell Women’s Health Center
Terrell, TX

Ima Wideman, Registered Nurse
Terrell Women’s Health Center
Terrell, TX