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We are a 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Organization EIN: 20-5618632

P. O. Box 742284, Dallas, TX 75374-2284

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How is HHCharities unique from other nonprofit agencies?

A: HHCharities prides itself on ensuring that your donations are used wisely, effectively, and in accordance to your specifications. We provide a unique hands-on approach with all of our projects to ensure that your dollar is making a significant impact. HHCharities CEO and Board Members regularly visit our students and projects in Uganda to report on programs as well as help move the projects to completion. We pride ourselves for working alongside our students and their guardians in Africa and with the Dallas refugees and immigrants in our communities to build success!

Q: Why do you focus your support on Africa?

A: More than 150,000 Sub-Saharan Africans live in Dallas/Fort Worth communities and currently 2,500 orphans live in Fort Portal, Uganda. HHCharities believes that it is imperative to provide encouragement and motivation to help these children conquer challenges and excel in schools so they can succeed both in the U.S. and in Uganda.

While there are U.S. citizens who experience similar poverty needs there are many resources available from both government and nonprofit agencies that they can access for assistance. However, individuals in the most rural areas of Uganda cannot afford the cost of public transportation to travel to a city where assistance is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, many communities do not have agencies in place to assist these individuals and orphaned children are often reliant on extended family members or widows in the town to support them. As these family members and widows tend to have a limited ability to help, these children may not know where their next meal is coming from.

Q: What does HHCharities do?

A: HHCharities vision is have an impact on disadvantaged children and the communities they live in by providing housing, healthcare, quality education, and job skills training. Through these program initiatives HHCharities aims to reduce poverty, reduce malnutrition and prevent diseases such as malaria and HIV, provide quality education, and build housing for orphaned children.

Q: What countries does Humanitarian Hands Charities work in?
A: HHCharities focuses its efforts on Uganda where there are currently more than 2,500 orphans living in Fort Portal, Uganda.

Q: How are projects and children selected to receive funding from Humanitarian Hands Charities?
A: HHCharities works with a reliable contact in Fort Portal, Uganda who assesses projects based on immediate need, individuals who are in need of financial assistance for ARV medicine to treat HIV/AIDS, and orphans who are eligible and willing to attend school. These projects and tuition scholarship opportunities are then assessed by the organization and presented as funding opportunities to HHCharities donors.

Q: How do you know the money goes to the people in need?

A: HHCharities CEO or individuals from the Board of Directors visit Uganda one to two times a year to follow up on the use of funds and request program updates. Our contact in Fort Portal also sends provides regular updates on individuals and projects. HHCharities shares these updates through letters, photos and drawings from the students who talk about their life, school and homework, daily food, and new clothing.

Q: What type of volunteer opportunities are available?
A: HHCharities accepts volunteers to help in the Dallas office in the areas of administrative assistance, grant researchers, grant writers, social media experts, marketing/PR experts, fund development and data entry.

Q: Do you send teams of volunteers to Africa to work with HHCharities projects?
Presently, HHCharities welcomes volunteers who want to travel with us and we are planning avenues to send volunteers to work on targeted projects.

Q: How can I support HHCharities children and programs?

A: HHCharities has identified children who need assistance with tuition for a quality education, uniforms, meals and school supplies. Our secondary projects include providing funds that allow women to become self-sustaining through income generating projects.

Q: How will my donations make an impact on Humanitarian Hands Charities children and programs?
A: Your donation helps children focus on academic achievement to promote future success for them in the job market. A quality education for these children not only opens doors for these children but empowers the community in which they live as well.

Your donation also provides essential healthcare to educate individuals on health issues and prevention (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis) that will reduce the premature death rate and increase life expectancy. You can also direct your donation to provide job skills training for individuals who want to learn a skill (computer maintenance, farming techniques, housing construction, and specialized skills) to provide financial security for them and their families.

Q: What percentage of my donation goes to programs?

A: Your donation is being spent wisely and effectively with 95% (93% for Paypal Transactions) of your sponsorship gift for our children’s education going directly to Uganda to cover their needs.