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Our CEO, Mary Christopher in Action!

Cultural Life Skills Center

We are a 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Organization EIN: 20-5618632

During our course of offering literacy classes for the displaced population living in Texas, we have discovered that there are a multitude of organizations that offer English as a Second Language and Citizenship Classes.  However, the opportunity lies in presenting skilled and effective tutors for the population of refugees and immigrants.

Our Plan

HHCharities’ focus will be to “Train the Tutors.” We will train the tutors to effectively translate the English language and its cultural skills so the students are comfortable with communicating as they work and participate in our society. We have accepted the challenge to better equip the tutor to successfully communicate English skills for the refugees and immigrants who are thirsting to learn.

Introduce an effective and comprehensive process envisioned to enhance the trainers’ skills as they prepare their students on the road to English as a Second Language (ESL) and Citizenship Readiness.

Target Group
Local unskilled literacy trainers who have a passion to help others learn English and prepare qualified citizenship applicants

Case for Action
Target group is ill-equipped to present themselves as skilled and effective tutors to the displaced
Classes will be facilitated by HHCharities staff/volunteers—certified by English Forward Institute
Training class curriculum provided by English Forward and USCIS (Citizenship)
$75 registration fee will be required (for 2 classes) held quarterly beginning March 2017​