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IMPACT LIVES! By sponsoring an orphaned child, your life will be changed as much as those whose lives you help change…

Philanthropy plays a crucial role in American society and provides funding for needed services that connects us as a culture. We believe that life’s obstacles can be overcome by empowering individuals to create a hopeful, sustainable future for themselves and their communities. HHCharities Co-Founder and CEO, Mary Christopher, says it best based on her experience helping children and their communities in Africa and assisting the refugees and immigrants:

“It is in the act of giving and conviction of your personal passion that allows you to become open to receiving life’s immense blessings.”

We appreciate your willingness to support HHCharities children and programs. Please know that your donation is being spent wisely and effectively with 92-95% of your sponsorship gift for our children’s education going directly to Uganda to cover their needs (the other 3% for credit card payment fee and 5% for administrative costs. 

ways to help


  • Build and maintain the John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic with equipment and pharmaceutical supplies

  • Provide health professionals to educate individuals on health issues and preventive care

  • Educate individuals on proper nutrition balance to reduce malnutrition

  • Equip volunteer medical teams to provide education, assistance and support

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The John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic opened May 2016 in Fort Portal, Uganda. The Clinic was built by their son, Philanthropist, Roland Parrish. The Parrish Clinic is staffed to treat diseases ranging from Malaria, Measles, Typhoid Fever to Mental Health Diseases. Our current goal is to build a Maternity and Postnatal Addition to provide prenatal, delivery and postnatal care for the expectant mothers in the community. 

Parrish Medical Clinic

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